Survival planet

1.2 Second Edition

Survive on an unknown planet.



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Survival Planet is a survival game inspired by a faraway future where players take on the role of a human explorer whose space ship crashed on an unknown dangerous planet. Your only objective: survival.

Your hero has a series of attributes: strength, speed, resistance and luck. These characteristics determine how likely you are to survive when facing dangers like the tons of enemies that you'll have to come face to face with.

Combats in Survival Planet develop on their own by taking turns. During your assault period, you'll get to choose how to attack your enemy, defend yourself, or use any skill you have at hand. One thing is for sure, before fighting, you'll have to create weapons and defensive armor, which is no small task.

Even though combats are a major aspect of Survival Planet, the game is a lot more than just that. Its backstory will take you to a number of different situations and scenes where you'll have to interact with your environment. Survival in many cases isn't easy, either.

Survival Planet is an original survival game that doesn't really need good graphics (it's basically all stationary screenshots) to offer users a fun game for a good time.
Survive as long as you can in a dystopian future in Survival Planet

Survival games have gotten hugely popular over the years and it's now dead easy to find a good handful of titles where the idea is to live as long as you can on a desert island, through a zombie apocalypse, or in a setting rife with voxels. Survival Planet is another game to add to this list, but its approach to the survival genre is rather more minimalist and original.
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Android 4.1 or higher required.

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